Shark Attack: What You Need To Know Before Bringing Home A Pet Shark

Shark Attack: What You Need To Know Before Bringing Home A Pet Shark

Shark Attack: What You Need To Know Before Bringing Home A Pet Shark

31 May 2018
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There is something hypnotic about watching sharks swim gracefully and stealthily through a tank; are you thinking about bringing home a shark? Make sure that you only buy your sharks from reputable aquarium retailers and suppliers to ensure you are getting a species that is conducive to the habitat that you can provide. What you don't know about sharks can hurt you – and possibly harm your new pet, also.

Having a shark attack? Before you buy, here's what you need to know before bringing a shark home:

Sharks require special care. Having a shark at home is not like having an aquarium of fish; sharks require a lot of care and attention to thrive. First, you will need a saltwater aquarium  and time to spend researching and learning about your distinct shark.

Know before they grow. When shopping for your new pet, keep size in mind. Many species of sharks marketed as pets can grow up to 14-feet long! An Epaulette shark is a good option, usually growing between two-and-three feet long, which is more feasible for most home situations.

Recreate what they like. Think about what a shark would like and live in nature; check out aquarium gorgonians for sale and use coral in the tank and sand along the bottom; Bamboo sharks like to crawl on the tank's sandy floor. Epaulettes like enclosed spaces, so keep this in mind when designing the habitat and provide them with a place to hide.

Sharks like shrimp. Sharks like to eat raw shrimp several times a day; it is not unusual for sharks to fast for several days before eating when adapting to their environment. Some species also like smelts, crab, fish, or snails, also uncooked.

Sharks do well alone. Sharks do best as the only inhabitant of the tank, even when they are non-aggressive species. For instance, the bamboo shark can grow to be three-feet long, and while it isn't necessarily hostile, it could eat smaller species in the same aquarium. Prevent problems by giving your shark its own space.

Prepare to purchase equipment. There are some essential items that you will need to keep your shark healthy, including a pump to move and circulate the water. Also, use blue saltwater bulbs in your aquarium for light. Depending on where you live, you may also need to invest in heaters or chillers to maintain the water's temperature.

Plan for an emergency. You can't predict what will happen so protect your investment with a backup generator. While this is not required to house a shark, it is a great insurance policy in the event you lose power for prolonged periods of time, which could threaten the life and well-being of your pet.

Before you bring home a shark, do some research to find the right species and habitat. Talk with aquarium merchants about what you will need to recreate an environment that keeps your shark healthy, happy, and comfortable.

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