Help Your Pet Leopard Geckos Grow Accustomed To Being Handled

Help Your Pet Leopard Geckos Grow Accustomed To Being Handled

Help Your Pet Leopard Geckos Grow Accustomed To Being Handled

25 December 2018
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Are you concerned about picking up your pet leopard geckos and accidentally dropping or injuring them? It can be quite intimidating to handle a reptile if you don't have any experience doing so, but once you get used to your pets individual mannerisms and spend time handling each of them, you will be comfortable picking them up when you would like to observe them from a close perspective.

Use Your Hands To Familiarize The Geckos With Yourself

If your geckos aren't used to being handled by a human being, then it is only natural that they are going to be apprehensive about being picked up and may attempt to climb out of your hands once you lift them from their aquarium.

Picking up your reptiles is alright, as long as it is done in moderation. Your pets need to get used to you sticking your hands inside of their aquarium first. Move your hands slowly down into the enclosure and be careful not to disrupt your pet's bedding, food or water dishes, or climbing materials.

Do not leave your hands inside of the aquarium for more than a minute or two. Simply touch the back of each gecko or move your fingertips closely toward the body of each one, but remove your hands if your pets appear to be scared.

As your leopard geckos grow accustomed to you dipping your hands into the aquarium, test the waters by gently scooping one of the creatures up between your hands. Because a leopard gecko's body is quite narrow and delicate, do not apply pressure to the gecko's body.

Hold the gecko closely to your body and sit down on a chair while you observe your pet. After a few minutes, return the gecko to its aquarium and attempt to pick up one of the other reptiles. 

Keep The Habitat The Same

Sudden changes in the layout of the geckos aquarium could put fear back into your pets and they may put up their defenses whenever you wish to handle them. Try to keep the layout of the tank the same at all times.

Make a mental note of where each item is placed inside of the cage so that you always return things to their proper location after cleaning the materials. Try to keep your pets inside of their aquarium for the majority of the time and keep the handling sessions short and infrequent.

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