Tips For Choosing A Dog Bed For Your Big Dog

Tips For Choosing A Dog Bed For Your Big Dog

Tips For Choosing A Dog Bed For Your Big Dog

10 May 2019
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If you're tired of not being able to turn over at night because your dog is sleeping against your legs, it may be time to get your dog a bed of its own. It's no wonder your dog climbs into bed with you—a big dog is a lot like a human in that they need to sleep on a supportive bed to be comfortable. However, even your bed probably isn't comfortable enough if it's too crowded. When your dog has its own bed, your dog can stretch, roll, and have plenty of room to move and be comfortable. You can even place the bed near yours so your dog is still nearby. Here are some suggestions for buying a big dog bed.

Focus On Quality

A big dog is also a heavy dog, and a cheap dog bed will compress under all that weight. Look for a foam bed that will support your dog's weight without flattening out. That way, you know your dog's joints will be supported and comfortable. Dogs spend a lot of time sleeping, so it's important to buy a bed that is made of high-quality material. As a bonus, a high-quality bed lasts longer so you get your money's worth.

Look For A Removable Cover

A bed with a removable cover is a good choice because you can take the cover off to wash it when you want to get rid of odors or treat it for fleas. If the bed doesn't have a cover that zips off, consider making an easy cover for it so that keeping the bed in good shape is easier. A quality bed could last for years, so you'll need a way to wash it to keep it clean. A big dog bed may not fit in a washing machine, so being able to take the cover off and wash it is an important consideration.

Pick The Right Size

The next time your dog stretches out on the floor or on your bed, measure the space your dog needs. You may be surprised at the size bed your dog requires to be comfortable. In addition to buying a big dog bed based on the weight of your dog, also buy it based on the dimensions of the bed so your dog can stretch out in all directions without hanging over the sides. Your dog may sleep curled up much of the time, but there will be times when stretching out increases comfort on the joints and decreases the temperature.

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