Taking Your Canine Companion On A Road Trip? Here Are Three Things You Need To Take Along

Taking Your Canine Companion On A Road Trip? Here Are Three Things You Need To Take Along

Taking Your Canine Companion On A Road Trip? Here Are Three Things You Need To Take Along

30 September 2019
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If you've recently decided to welcome a furry friend into your life, you're undoubtedly looking forward to years of fun and companionship — going to the park, playing fetch in the backyard on a lazy weekend day, and sharing activities such as hiking and camping with your dog. If you're the type who enjoys road tripping, you may also have plans to include your dog as a traveling partner. Most dogs travel well, and you probably already know you'll need to plan in advance to book pet-friendly hotels and be prepared to stop at regular intervals so your pooch pal can get exercise and a drink of water. However, there are certain aspects of traveling with a dog that aren't so obvious. The following are three things you should always bring along when you and your dog hit the open road.

Hard Copy Photos of Your Dog

Although no one likes to think about it happening, dogs can and do get lost while on road trips with their humans. All it takes is a few seconds for them to slip away, and since they'll be in unfamiliar surroundings, they may not be able to find their way back to where you are. Printing out several photos of your dog and keeping them in your glove compartment provides a way to quickly get the word out if your dog disappears in a strange location — they come in particularly handy if you're adventuring in areas with spotty or nonexistent cell service or in areas that aren't covered by your particular cell phone plan. You can tack the photos up in areas with your contact information in areas where your dog disappeared to reach as many people in the area as possible. 

Your Dog's Medical Records 

Even if your dog is young and healthy, accidents, injuries, and illnesses still may occur — and if they happen while you're on the road, you won't have the advantage of being able to take your furry friend to his regular veterinarian for care. Fortunately, most communities have emergency vet clinics, but they'll be able to better treat your dog if they have access to its medical records. 

A Front Seat Dog Net Barrier

Dogs have a tendency to move around while riding in cars, and this can be dangerous when you're driving. One of the last things you need when you're navigating your vehicle down the open highway is your dog unexpectedly jumping into the front seat. A front seat dog net barrier keeps your furry friend safely contained in the back seat of your car while you're driving. 

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