Effective Saddle Care Tips

Effective Saddle Care Tips

Effective Saddle Care Tips

16 February 2022
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For individuals that enjoy riding horses, effective saddle care and maintenance can be critical skills for them to have. Otherwise, these important and valuable pieces of gear could suffer wear and need to be replaced far sooner than should normally be necessary.

Use Leather Treatments to Reduce Cracking and Brittleness

Most western saddles are made of high-quality leather. This can offer the strength, flexibility, and comfort that riders are wanting. However, the leather will tend to dry out over time, and this can lead to it becoming increasingly brittle and prone to cracking. The use of leather treatments can reduce this tendency so that the saddle remains in good condition despite frequent use. When using these treatments, the leather will need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt or dust that has collected on it so that the oil can be absorbed into the leather. Before using the saddle again, this should be given several hours to dry and soak into the leather for the best results.

Always Use a Saddle Rack

Whenever you are not using the saddle, effectively storing it is an important step in caring for it. Failing to use a saddle rack can lead to it actually starting to warp in a way that may make it no longer suitable for you to use. The use of a saddle rack will avoid this as it will ensure the weight of the saddle is properly distributed to avoid warping or other damage. While these racks can be somewhat large in size, they can be an essential investment for preserving your saddle even when it needs to be placed in storage for long periods of time.

Clean and Lubricate Buckles

Your saddle is likely to have a number of buckles on it. These can allow it to be properly fitted and secured to your horse. Unfortunately, the buckles can become dirty and corroded, which may make them difficult to use. As a result, it may be easier to fail to adequately secure the saddle, and this may contribute to an accident occurring. Periodically cleaning these buckles and applying small amounts of lubrication will help to keep them in good condition. To be as thorough as possible when cleaning these buckles, you may want to use a small brush that will be able to scrub in the small crevices of the buckle as this could be where dirt, fur, and other substances can cause jams to develop.

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