The Benefits Of Turning Your Family Dog Into A Service Dog

The Benefits Of Turning Your Family Dog Into A Service Dog

The Benefits Of Turning Your Family Dog Into A Service Dog

16 May 2018
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In Europe, dogs are pretty much allowed to go anywhere their humans take them. Dogs can even enter stores, so long as they have "done their business" outside. Here in the U.S., dogs are not allowed to enter stores or restaurants, unless they are service dogs. Having to leave Fido at home a lot is not something most dog owners would prefer to do. 

However, you can just as easily turn your family dog into a service dog. Finding out how to make your dog a service dog is not difficult either. It does take a lot of time and a long-term commitment to train your dog via the service dog programs. Yet, once your dog has his or her service dog certificate, you can enjoy all of the following benefits.

Your Dog Can Go Shopping with You

As a service dog, your dog can go wherever you go. That includes grocery stores and shopping malls. The reason being is that service dogs are seen as better trained animals who will not destroy merchandise, chase people or children, bark, or otherwise behave in a way that intimidates other shoppers or causes problems. 

Your Dog Can Go out to Eat with You Too

Service dogs can walk into fast food places and have a seat next to you on the floor. As long as they remain by your side and do not run into the restaurant's kitchens or urinate and defecate on the floor, your dog is welcome. Some eateries, such as bakeries, request that you eat outside on their patios just to keep pet dander and fur off of the bread and rolls, and other unwrapped or unpackaged goods. Still, being able to have your dog with you while you eat out is a nice perk.

Your Dog Can Fly with You

How often have you wished that your dog could go on airplanes with you? When you have a non-service dog, the dog is not allowed on planes. They have to stay home, stay in a kennel, be dog-sat by a friend or dog sitter, or you have to travel by car if you want to take the dog with you. Once your dog is a service dog, they can get on the plane with you. You will have to buy a plane ticket for your dog if they are a big dog, and show your dog's service dog certificate, but it is still nice to have your dog on the plane.

To learn more, contact a company like USA Service Dogs. 

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