Guard Dog Afraid Of Thunder? Try Cannabis Oil To Calm Their Nerves

Guard Dog Afraid Of Thunder? Try Cannabis Oil To Calm Their Nerves

Guard Dog Afraid Of Thunder? Try Cannabis Oil To Calm Their Nerves

17 May 2018
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Guard dogs are many business' best friends and are often brave enough to chase away robbers and other dangerous individuals. However, even the bravest dog can be incredibly afraid of thunder. Unfortunately, this fear can turn into a real anxiety that makes their life difficult. Try cannabis oil to protect your dog from this serious issue.

Thunder Is A Common Fear For Many Dogs

Thunder is a scary sound even when you know, scientifically, what causes it. However, dogs have the intellectual capacity of a small infant and cannot rationalize where that loud sound originates. From their perspective, thunder is an incredible boom that appears in the house and which seems to be impossible to escape.

That's why it's not shocking that many dogs have a real fear of thunder. Many will spend hours under the bed in fear during a thunderstorm, waiting for the thunder to go away. While it might seem somewhat cute at first, it can be a major negative influence in your dog's life and may cause problems with their mental health.

That Fear May Become Anxiety

A good guard dog needs to be alert to potential intruders and ready to react to scary situations at a moment's notice. Unfortunately, those who never get over their fear of thunder may develop severe anxiety that makes it difficult for them to complete their tasks. For example, they may hear a loud scraping noise at your business and think it is thunder.

That misunderstanding will cause them fear and may create a negative association with that area. When enough of these memories build up in a dog's brain (they do remember quite a lot), then their anxiety is likely to grow. Thankfully, it is possible to avoid this issue by giving them cannabis oil during a serious thunderstorm.

How Cannabis Can Help

Cannabis and CBD oil has been crafted to help treat a variety of pet issues. Many people give it to their dog's to calm their stomach, decrease barking behaviors, or even relieve anxiety. Guard dogs that are afraid of thunder may calm down during a thunderstorm with the use of cannabis oil.

In fact, keeping them calm in this way may help to repeatedly expose them to their fear. Exposure therapy of this type is often a great way to manage severe anxiety. The brain simply gets numb to the once-scary situation and no longer gets afraid.

Before taking your guard dogs to the store and stocking up on cannabis oil, talk to a vet office like Ellevet Sciences. They can help decide if this treatment is right for your dogs and will suggest a specific type of oil that works best for the situation.

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