Just Adopted a Puppy? 3 Reasons to Incorporate Antler Dog Chews Into Their Routine

Just Adopted a Puppy? 3 Reasons to Incorporate Antler Dog Chews Into Their Routine

Just Adopted a Puppy? 3 Reasons to Incorporate Antler Dog Chews Into Their Routine

29 May 2018
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After bringing home a puppy, it's important that you start exploring all of the different things that you can get them used to in order to help train them and avoid behavioral issues that can be prevented. With a dog's natural urge to chew, it's a great idea to provide your puppy with something that they can chew on.

When you're checking out different toys and products your dog can chew on, consider some of the following reasons of why antler dog chews can be an ideal choice.

Keep Tartar off Their Teeth

One of the most important things to tackle early on when you adopt a puppy is tartar prevention. Good dental hygiene can help save you a ton of money later on since it can prevent the need for more extensive cleaning or any extractions. With an antler dog chew, there will plenty of traction on the chew to allow your puppy to scrape any tartar off their teeth with ease.

Prevent Your Puppy From Chewing Elsewhere

Keeping your puppy from chewing on things that they shouldn't is something that you'll need to focus on when you first bring them home before they develop bad habits. Providing your puppy with a chew bone that they're free to chew on can keep them from focusing their attention elsewhere.

If you want to get your dog familiar with their new antler chew, it's a good idea to make it smell like their food by dropping it in their food container. This way, they can be more familiar with the scent and more drawn to chewing on the antler until they get used to the texture.

Help Provide Entertainment for Your Puppy

Along with the antler chew being good for your dog's teeth, it's a great way to keep them busy when you can't play with them. Some dogs can get fixated on chewing for a long period of time, helping your them relax and have something to do that's not destructive.

If you're interested in providing your puppy with great toys and supplies that can keep them healthy, it's a good idea to check out your options for chew toys. Antler dog chews can be a natural alternative to plastic and hard rubber, while providing a great outlet for boredom and keeping your dog interested.

With the side benefit of an antler chew being good for your dog's teeth, they can be a great product to buy after adopting your puppy.

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