3 Tips To A Healthier Outdoor Cat

3 Tips To A Healthier Outdoor Cat

3 Tips To A Healthier Outdoor Cat

6 June 2018
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Making an outdoor cat an indoor cat can be a necessity for their safety, particularly if there are risks in your neighborhood like traffic or wild animals. Unfortunately, a cat that is used to going outside can be miserable if they are suddenly stuck indoors. This can lead to issues like urinating outside of the litter box, destroying items, or even refusal to eat. The good news is that you can often solve these problems by giving your cat back some of their freedom. The key is creating a safe place for them to relax outside. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Invest in cat fencing

Cat fencing allows you to create a cat corral to contain your cat to your own yard. There are many options when it comes to fencing. Window-mounted corrals work well for apartment or condo dwellers that don't have access to a yard or even a balcony. These are designed to attach to a window frame. Simple fencing is typically made of panels that you snap together in the desired configuration, then attach the roof panels for a complete corral. These are easy to move and work well in both small and large yards since you determine the size. Permanent corrals are the epitome of outdoor cat comfort. These can be constructed to any size or height. You can even have sleeping platforms, and other amenities added.

Tip #2: Remove outdoor risks

Even in a fenced area, there can be risks to your cat. Make sure no poisonous plants are growing in the area you decide to fence in. For example, common landscape plants like lilies and euphorbias can be highly toxic. Other risky items are strings or cords your cat could become tangled in as they roll around and play outside. Also, don't overlook the things you put on your lawn. Many cats love to roll around in the grass. If you have recently fertilized or treated your lawn for weeds, this could be toxic to the cat.

Tip #3: Vaccinate for outdoor diseases

Ask your vet if there are any extra vaccinations your cat needs if they are going to be spending time outside, even if it is in a controlled environment. Many diseases are spread by insects like ticks and mosquitoes, which can be present in your backyard. Some of these diseases have vaccinations, which may be considered optional and not provided if it's assumed your cat is indoor-only.

For more help on how to buy fencing for cats, visit a pet store in your area. 

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