Choosing A Bed For A Large Breed Puppy

Choosing A Bed For A Large Breed Puppy

Choosing A Bed For A Large Breed Puppy

5 June 2020
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If you have a small puppy that will soon become a big dog, it can be challenging to know which type of bed you should buy for them. Should you get them a big dog bed that they will grow into, or will that be overwhelming for them? While some owners go this route, they usually end up buying more than one bed because either their dog will not lay on it, or they will destroy it because of the ample space. Here are a few things to think about when buying a bed for your puppy.

They Grow Fast

Some new dog owners make the mistake of investing a lot into a dog bed when their puppy is still quite young. This can be unwise because of how quickly dogs grow. If you have chosen a large breed, your dog may quadruple in size between the time you get them at 8 weeks to their first birthday. Obviously it would be almost impossible to find a bed that they would fit well on as a pup and an adult. You may want to figure out how big they are going to be at 6 months and get them that size bed, and then once they outgrow that switch to their adult size. 

Each Dog Sleeps Differently

In addition to the sizing, there are different types of beds that allow your dog to sleep in different ways. For example, if they like to burrow into things in order to get comfortable, you may want to get a bed that allows them to kind of hideaway from the outside world. If your dog is the type to walk in circles repeatedly before they can relax, they may appreciate a round plush bed that has been designed for curlers. Other beds offer ample space for your dog to stretch out, or lie on their back. You can know which bed to choose by watching your dog sleep for a few days or weeks, and then finding the one that suits them best. 

In conclusion, while it can be a bit of a challenge to figure out, by the time your puppy is a year old you will most likely have them in their big dog bed, with the appropriate filling and type of bed that they enjoy. Read your dog's signals along the way to know what they would prefer. If you have questions, talk to your veterinarian.

For more information about big dog beds, contact a local pet store.

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